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The #StayHome Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the season of gifting and after the year we’ve had, there’s just no better gift than a good bottle of happiness. Whether you’re looking to get something for that special someone, your parents, to impress your in-laws, or simply looking to surprise an old friend, we’ve got a little something for everyone, kids included! […]

To Decant or Not to Decant, That is the Question

Before we dive into the details of decanting wine, here’s a quick definition:  Decant /dɪˈkant/To slowly pour (liquid) from one vessel into another, to separate out liquid from sediment.  Typically, wine drinkers use a decanter for wines that are old and bold; putting that stigma aside, almost all wines can benefit from being decanted- red […]

Netflix & Chill, Drinks Edition

One of the many things that stuck with us after the pandemic, is that we’re staying in more often and for many of us, this new normal has prompted Netflix to ask, “Are you still watching?” We’re bingers and there’s no shame in that. To perfect the experience for the ultimate night in, we’ve sought […]