Goals to Set to Make 2021 The Best Year Ever!

As we welcome the new year, we bid adieu to the old and along with that, we also say goodbye to bad habits, broken resolutions and incomplete goals. The best part of the new year is a fresh start; giving you 12 months to smash goals you curate to ensure you push yourself to be the best version of YOU. If you can’t figure out the right goals to set, here are some of ours that you could use too! 

1. Sleep Better 

This means setting a bedtime and waking up on the first alarm. For the snoozers, this would be the HARDEST task of all, but pushing yourself to sleep consistently at a regular time benefits your physical health, mental health and discipline too. To make this happen, we invested in quality sheets, essential oils and a case of red wine for that one glass before bedtime.

2. Live Sustainably

We don’t mean drastically changing our lifestyle but making small sustainable changes in our daily lives can make big impacts to our environment. On our list is to replace plastic toothbrushes, water bottles, single use plastic bags and reduce our consumption of meat; that’s right, less steak, more carrots!

3. Support Local Businesses

With the year we’ve had, many small businesses have taken huge hits and some were forced to close. If there’s ever a time to support your local companies, this is it. Whenever you’re looking to make a purchase, whether groceries, clothes, home décor or even alcohol, always look for that small, local business. It may seem like a single purchase, but to the business, it’s a daily goal.

4. Learn A New Skill

Whether it’s cooking a new dish a month, learning to play the guitar or picking up a new language, this is a good resolution to have, allowing you to build skill and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Pro tip: consistency is key! Set a reminder for the same time every week (or day) and don’t skip it.

5. Make Self-care A Priority

Learn what self-care means to you and don’t let it take the backseat in 2021. For us, it’s working out to feel good, ensuring a steady supply of wine and setting boundaries with the people around us. In 2021, you do you.

Here’s to creating a happier and steadier 2021, cheers!

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