For people who are inexperienced when it comes to wine tasting, Moscato wines are a great gateway wine to start out your wine tasting journey. Moscato wines are made with the Muscat grape family that includes both dark and white skinned grapes, with the most notable white skin being Muscat blanc a Petits Grains and the dark skinned Muscat noir. These grapes are famous for consistently having a sweet floral aroma that produces wines that have a very sweet profile, thus resulting many to consider Moscato wines as dessert wines.

Origin Of Moscato

Moscato wines are a type of sweet wine originating from Italy that often has a sweet flavour with just a hint of fruity and citrus notes and a touch of fizz. Unlike most other wines, Moscato typically has a relatively low alcohol content of 5-7% alcohol by volume. To compare, most other red and white wines are at about 10-13% alcohol by volume, thus making Moscato wines the ideal beverageto accompany a mid-day brunch or a casual event.

Moscato wines generally share similar flavour profiles but there are different variations of Moscato that each have their own unique characteristics. New wine aficionados would be very receptive of its pleasant and delicate notes that still retains much flavour with obvious nuances of fruit varieties. These days, Moscato wines have been increasingly sought after and seems to be more than just a passing fad, with many people appreciating its distinct flavours and taste.

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Pink Moscato

The Pink Moscato is one variety of Moscato wines. In a world where most wines are either red or white, it is very rare to see a wine with a pinkish hue and translucent ruby-like visual such as the Pink Moscato. It is made by blending in a small amount of traditional Merlot wine into a white Moscato wine, producing the gem-like colour. This type of wine often displays tasting notes of a rich caramel and vanilla scents while having fruity flavours such as nectarines and peaches. A wine such as this is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.

The most common type of Moscato wines is the Moscato d’Asti. Very similar to typical white wines as Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs, the Moscato d’Asti is pale in colour but unlike most white wines, it has a very sweet characteristic and a slight fizz at each sip, known as the “frizzante”. This version of Moscato is what you will usually find in most retails stores and restaurants. A full sparkling version of this wine is known as the Asti Spumante, with much more pronounced bubbles and carbonation not unlike those of a bottle of champagne.

Red Moscato Wine

Next, we have the Red Moscato wine. Commonly made with orange and black varieties of the Muscat grape family, Red Moscato is often considered the perfect blend of red and white wines, as it takes on the best tastes that both types of wines have to offer. This wine offers a wide range of fruity and floral notes like wild cherries and various berries, while still retaining the Moscato signature sweetness and smell. The Still Moscato, or also known by its other names the Moscatel or Muscat Blanc is a Moscato that does not have any sparkle or fizz, as is apparent from its name.

This type of wine is particularly hard to find in most supermarkets or retail stores, and has a alcohol by volume content that resembles other wines, at around 12% unlike most Moscato wines. The last type of Moscato wines is the Dessert Moscato, an oak-aged variation of the wine commonly associated with wine made from Moscatel grapes. Though all Moscato wines are sweet in flavour and pairs nicely with desserts, the Dessert Moscato is specifically tailored to enjoy with desserts, or as a dessert on its own.

Moscato Malaysia: Which To Choose?

Malaysia has seen a growing taste for Moscato wines in recent years. The Banrock Station Moscato is an easy to find Moscato wine that appeals to the taste buds of Malaysians. Hailing from Southern Australia, the Banrock Station Moscato is a light-bodied variety of the traditional Italian style, offering fresh and bright fruit flavours that goes well with a light meal. As a plus, the company is known for its eco-friendly manufacturing processes and supporting the green movement. On the pricier side, the Marchesi Di Barolo is a great choice for a special occasion. From the Italian region of Piemonte, this full-bodied Moscato has a very intense and rich flavours and aromas with relatively low acidity to allow the full taste of the wine to shine through. A bottle of Moscato wine ranges between RM 50 to RM 150 in Malaysia, with great selections at both the cheaper and more premium ranges.

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