How big is your Klang Valley coverage?

Please refer below map for Klang Valley coverage (next day delivery)

Do you deliver outside of Malaysia?
No. We only deliver within Peninsular Malaysia
Can my order be delivered to a different address?
Absolutely. Just provide the alternative address when you check-out
How do you deliver my orders?
To ensure speed of delivery, we use the end-to-end services of a 3rd party delivery company. Our delivery partners are Lalamove, Pickuup, M-Express and GDex.
How do I check the status of my delivery?
Whatsapp us at 017-7628060 or email us at hello@kanpai.my
What is your delivery fee?
RM15 for every order. Free delivery for the purchases above RM 250 within Peninsular Malaysia. There may be surcharges for delivery in remote areas. Please call us to check.


Is there a limit to how much I can order?
No. All our products are duty paid. Hence you may purchase as much as you need subject to availability at our shop
Can I buy from your shop?
Absolutely! Visit us at 10 Jalan PJU 3/46 Petaling Jaya 47810 Selangor Malaysia. Please give us a call before you drop by.


Can I return my order after receiving it?
Absolutely. You may return your goods 3 days after receiving it for a refund for whatever reasons. You will need to bear the cost of returning the goods to our shop. See terms and conditions under REFUND.
What happens if one of the wines I received is corked or spoilt?
Occasionally, customers receive a corked bottle(s). If this happen to you, please call us within 3 days of purchase for a replacement. Returned bottle(s) must be no less than ¾ full.
What happens if one of the spirits I received is corked?
Due our tropical climate, we do experience periodically the occurrence of dry whisky corks resulting in breakage when removing it from the bottle. See suggestions on how to remove a broken cork. We regret that that a broken cork whisky does not warrant a replacement bottle


Can I cancel after payment is made?
Absolutely. Please call/Whatsapp us at 017-7628060. If your order has already been shipped out, you will need to return the products to us and we will refund you. Refund terms & conditions apply.
Can I used credit/debit cards issued by non-Malaysian banks?
The acceptance of foreign issued cards is dictated by IPAY88. Below countries are phrohibitate.
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Are payments made on your site secure?
    Absolutely. All online payments are administered by IPAY88, Malaysia’s #1 digital payment gateway.
    Can I pay cash on delivery?
    No. We regret that we only accept digital payment (Visa/Mastercard/Bank Transfer) for all online delivery.
    How can I pay by cash?
    You may come and purchase your products directly at our Kanpai shop.


    Why should you trust our products?
    We are consumer division of Thaipore Malaysia (M) Sdn Bhd “TPM” which has been in operations since 2003. TPM is the official sole importer for Bacardi-Martini for domestic Malaysia, distributing its products to wholesalers, hotels, medical halls, food & beverage outlets and clubs throughout the country.
    Where is your shop located?

    We are located at 10 Jalan PJU 3/46, Sunway Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Click here for location. 

    What are your operating hours?
    We are opened Mondays-Fridays (10am – 5pm)


    How do I store my wines?
    We recommend you use a wine chiller to store your wines.
    Should different wines be served at different temperatures?
    Industry experts recommend the following. White wines are best served between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius, champagne and roses are best served around 10 degrees Celsius and red wines are best served between 16-18 degree Celsius.
    How do I remove a broken cork?
    Due our tropical climate, we do experience periodically the occurrence of dry wine and/or whisky corks resulting in breakage when removing it from the bottle. Should you also experience a similar situation, we recommend the following to remove the remaining piece:
  • 1. Use a corkscrew to pull it out. This is proven to be the best method.
  • 2. Use a long nail and a pillar to pull it out.
  • 3. Use a long pointed object to push it into the whisky bottle
  • Once out we recommend you decanter your wine and/or whisky for storage.


    What is Kanpai credits all about?
    For every purchase you make, you will receive Kanpai credits. These credits can be used to offset payments of your next purchase.
    How is Kanpai credits calculated
    For every RM100 purchase you make, you will receive 1 Kanpai credit. Each Kanpai credit is worth RM1.
    Is there a minimum purchase I need to make to use my Kanpai credit?
    No. For example if you have earned 70 Kanpai credits and your next purchase is worth RM70, you may use all your Kanpai credits to offset the entire RM70 payable.