Wine 101: The Etiquette

1. Know the 4 S’s of wine drinking: See, sniff, swirl & sip. 

See: Look at the color which gives you an idea of the wine’s characteristics. 

Sniff: The aromas lend to the taste and experience of the wine

Swirl: Release the aromatic compounds to enhance the flavour and experience. 

Sip: Taste your wine and enjoy 😉 

2. Hold your glass by the stem or the base.

This prevents heat transference from your fingers to the wine which will occur when you cup the glass by the bowl. 

3. Fill less than half of your glass. 

This gives your wine room to breathe and allows the aromas to be release to perfect the taste and experience.

4. Kanpai! Cheers by clinking the bowl of the glass. 

This prevents potential breakage and don’t forget to maintain eye contact with your buddies!

5. Serve others first

Before you pour yourself a glass, fill the other glasses first because we’re just polite that way

6. Try new wines & have fun! 

Wine isn’t stuffy and snobbish. Whether you know the complexities of wine or not, enjoy each glass and try something new every time!

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