[PREORDER]Macallan ‘A Night on Earth In Scotland’ Nini Sum Single Malt Whisky (2023 Limited Edition)- 700ml


Celebrating the special times we spend with those who mean the most to us, A Night on Earth – The Journey captures the joy of the New Year. It is a time when we gather to acknowledge the days gone by and make plans for the future.
This Extremely Limited annual release, A Night on Earth – The Journey is a unique expression created using a perfectly balanced combination of exceptional first-fill American ex-bourbon barrels, along with European and American sherry-seasoned oak casks. Created in collaboration with acclaimed Chinese artist, Nini Sum, this release features innovative multi-layered packaging that provides an exceptional unboxing experience.

Certain elements in this world transcend cultural boundaries and meaning. They are the universal ties that unite us – sharing, belonging, and wishing. These emotions lie at the heart of all New Year celebrations, a journey and a moment for introspection and celebration. It is a theme that resonates in countless expressions across the globe.  Crafted in collaboration with Nini Sum, the artwork intimately ties to both the whisky’s notes and Nini’s cherished New Year memories. It captures the effervescent burst of fireworks, the enticing aroma of toasted oak emanating from rice popcorn vendors on the brightly decorated streets of her town, the milk candy in her pockets and the sweet fragrance of steamed rice pudding beckoning her home. There is also a nuttiness to the whisky, an echo of the sunflower seeds Nini’s family shared as they laughed and talked about their wishes for the new year.

Toasted oak, creamy steamed rice and coconut milk pudding, citrus fruits, vanilla and oat biscuits. A burst of effervescent citrus fruits—lemon and lime with sweet creamy vanilla sponge and toasted coconut. Medium finish with sweet, toasted oak and vanilla.

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