The Macallan

After the distillery was set up, Reid formed his own company, Alexander Reid & Co, with The Macallan under its wings. The whisky distilled in this period was named as The Craigellachie, named after the village that the distillery was located. Reid remained as the head of the distillery until his death in 1847, after which, his son took over the helm until his own death in 1858. During the times when the junior Reid was at the helm of the distillery, he took on partners, James Davidson and James Shearer Priest. The distillery later on fell to Davidson alone when Reid passed on. Davidson was a corn merchant who had made his fortune; and he was the one who established the rule of using only high-grade barley for distilling whisky.

History Of Macallan

The company was originally founded in 1824, the Macallan Scotch whiskey being one of the first distillers in Scotland having legal license for manufacturing and selling alcohol. Since then, the distillery has grown to be one of the largest single malt whiskey manufacturers in the world

The Macallan 15 Years Old Triple Cask

Macallan 15 Years Old Tripple Cask Fine Oak is matured in a combination of Bourbon & Sherry Oak Casks. This range has been around for a few years now and seems to have weathered the storm it caused amongst the faithful when it was initially released. This one is probably the pick of the (Fine Oak) bunch. “Takes time to open but worth the wait. The complete package and arguably the best

The Macallan Rare Cask

The Macallan Rare Cask single malt Scotch whisky was introduced to the UK in mid-2015, after being launched in the US in late 2014. It’s comprised of whiskies drawn from 16 different Sherry cask styles, chosen by Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno. A high proportion of these casks are first filled and has resulted in a rich, spicy Speyside single malt, bursting with honey raisin, root ginger and decadent chocolate notes.

The Macallan brings you a rare opportunity to experience their story and witness the moments that have defined them, as told through a series of rooms designed by award-winning cinematographers, creatives, and technologists.

At The Macallan Experience, we invite you to take a seat in the Sensory Cinema to be guided through the flavours of The Macallan, to touch the fire that seals the flavour into The Macallan’s oak casks, and to conduct a symphony of moving, story inspired art.

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