Jameson Irish Whiskey (700ml)


JAMESON The Original Irish Whiskey (Triple Distilled) is a smooth and versatile blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys. A timeless blended whisky that made the green bottle an icon, this Jameson is bottled at the standard 40% ABV, triple-distilled and aged for at least three years.

It’s aged in American and Spanish oak barrels. Although it is an Irish whiskey, which means it has been aged for at least three years in Ireland, the brand sources its barrels from Spain and the United States. Previously used to age bourbon, the casks contribute to the whiskey’s vanilla and toasted wood notes.

Jameson whiskey is made with locally sourced ingredients. The barley is grown in Ireland, and all of the water used in the manufacturing process comes from the Dungourney River, which runs directly through the distillery.

It’s a perfectly blended whisky, with the malted and unmalted barley meticulously measured not to overpower the other. The pot still whiskeys are also adjusted so that they complement the delicate grain whiskey. Finally, the flavour of the whiskey is perfected by using oak casks during maturation.

It has a warm, golden honey colour. It has a light floral scent peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes and has excellent smoothness with a perfect balance of spicy, nutty, and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry.

Since 2010, the Midleton Distillery has reduced its energy consumption by 30% and its water consumption by 33%. The bottle utilises up to 80% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable.

This Jameson whisky has won several awards, such as:

  • The Irish Whiskey Masters (The Spirits Business), 2020 – Irish Blended, Premium (Gold)
  • The Irish Whiskey Masters (The Spirits Business), 2019 – Irish Blended, Standard (Silver)
  • The Irish Whiskey Masters (The Spirits Business), 2018 – Irish Blended, Premium (Gold)
  • The Irish Whiskey Masters (The Spirits Business), 2017 – Irish Blended, Standard (Silver)
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2014 – Irish Whiskey Blended (Silver)
  • Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, 2013 – Liquid Gold Award (Gold) – 95 points
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2013 – Blended Irish Whiskey (Bronze)
Jameson Irish Whiskey (700ml)


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