How To Host A Wine Tasting Party

As easy as 1-2-3

When you are hosting your own tasting party, there will be a couple of things that will be different as compared to a professionally conducted tasting. BUT, the basic format is the SAME. Get a theme and put a couple of bottles together.

Yep its that uncomplicated!

Here are 5 tried and tested ideas that we are sure you’ll have fun

#1 Regional

Pick between 3-6 bottles from the same region eg Napa Valley or Hunter Valley

#2 Variety

Buy different price wine of one type of grape (eg Grenache or Shiraz)

#3 Elegant Wines

Compare and contrast the lightest red wines and get then form your own opinion of an elegant wine

#4 Competitive Wines

Pick a couple of bottles that are all below RM58 and see which is the crowd favourite

#5 Blind Tasting

Wrap 5 bottles of wines that have a common theme and get the real verdict of the best

Still not sure how to do? Watch the video below >>>