5 Reasons Why Home Parties Are Better Than Clubbing Out

You’d been waiting to venture out of house parties and into the city nightlife for ages. Armed with your legal age to party, you make your way into the city for an evening of sweaty dancing and overpriced drinks. At 3am you stagger out of the club to the local mamak shop. You have an enormous serving of mee goreng coupled with teh tarik before heading home. The first of your many clubling nights to come. Fast forward 10 years later and you’re no longer the same. The attraction of loud music, sticky floors and zoning out fast and furiously loosing its appeal and you’re yearning back for those house parties and backyard drinks. Its only now when you are reminiscing your college days that you realise how much fun home-based parties really are! Here are some of the reasons why:

#1 : No overpriced drinks

There is no worst feeling that forking out RM45 for a watered down vodka tonic knowing it not going to last you long before you’re compelled to fork out another RM45 only to drink more melted ice in an attempt to stretch the drink for another 45 minutes Home parties are great because you can make those kao kao drinks to your hearts content and feeling even better because you didn’t break the bank for it

#2 : Greeted with hugs instead of bouncers sizing you up

Whether you’ve been clubbing once or 50 times, it is always a little stressful to have the six foot bouncers examining your entry especially if you’ve paid your cover charge All that is out the window at a home party where your arrival is greeted with hugs and kisses with a gigantic “Common In!”

#3 T-Shirts, Shorts and Flip Flops are not scorned at

Comfort is the name of the game at all home parties. Trade those figure fitting outfits for those loose comfy cottons knowing dressing down is contributing to the Chillax Theme everyone has signed up for

#4 Go Beyond Fried Chicken Wings and Fruits!

Ever wondered what’s with those fruit platters with your expensive bottle of whisky? Or why like your drinks, you’ll need to ration those chicken wings among friends? Think no more because home parties allow you to have a wider variety of food without having to stinge. More so with countless options by Grab or Food Panda, you can now have the best of foods from different vendors across Klang Valley all arriving at your home at the same time so that you can have twice a much of yummy nibbles with your drink without having to ration. And we suggest you save those fruit patters for your gym workout nights.

#5 Get The Most of the Gossips

There’s no struggle quite like trying to have a conversation with someone over thumping bass of house music. At a house parties, you can cut to the chase and move your gossips into the comfort of the living room where everyone can communicate without screaming. More importantly, you’ll never miss those important details making the night memorable.