Social Games: Cheers to the Governor

Cheers Governor is so flexible that you can pretty much play it anywhere you have a group and beverages. Give it a try!⠀

How to Play

  1. Gather in a circle and have your beers ready.
  2. One person starts counting with 1.
  3. The next person goes on and says 2.
  4. This continues until one person reaches 21. At this point, all players yell “Cheers to the Governor” and drink.
  5. The person who said 21 has the privilege of making up a rule. This rule* can be anything that the rest of the players are willing to agree to.

* An example would be: All players must drink at number 13.

Rules & Ideas

  • Player X drinks at number 4
  • Instead of saying “10”, knock twice on the table
  • Instead of saying “21”, end the round with a “Truth or Dare” question
  • Instead of starting the round with “1”, start with a “Never have I ever” question
  • When someone breaks a rule or messes something up, the group must go back to 1 and start over
  • The game ends when all numbers are occupied by a rule
  • When all numbers are occupied, you also have to complete a full round without any mistakes ( which at this point could be really, really hard)

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