Social Games: Bite The Bag

Holding your balance gets tough when you get a few drinks in ya, and it just got harder. Try this fun drinking game that is sure to get some laughs as it tests your balance and flexibility.

How to Play

  • Place the brown paper bag on the floor.
  • Players take turns trying to reach down and attempt to pick up the bag with their mouths.
  • Whenever anyone fails they must chug a beer or take a shot.
  • After every round make the bag smaller by cutting off an inch from the top and play again.
  • Each time everyone is able to bit the bag (or unable, in which case you drink) you cut an inch off the top of the bag. Continue this until there is a clear winner.

Rules & Ideas

  • Only thing allowed to touch the ground is your feet
  • If both feet are on the ground, knees must be locked
  • If one feet is on the ground, knee can be bent
  • Only thing allowed to touch the paper bag is your mouth

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