We picked the best serving wines for over 2 years.  The range was created to showcase the purity of single varietal. Perfect for Southeast Asian flavors, this range promises to impress your wedding guests.


A variety of brands at the lowest of RM45. These wines would make a perfect fit for your wedding dinner. (minimum 12 bottles)

Wedding Taost

Regardless of culture, no wedding is complete without a wedding toast. Usually celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, here are 2 brands we recommend.

Wedding Companions

Thinking of adding some spirits to your wine selection? Here are popular spirits we see in many weddings.

Wedding Wine FAQs

  • Is your price the same on September 2020?
    Tim, 02/08/2020
  • We cannot guarantee the price for future date
  • I only serve 5 tables, family only. What wine and how many bottles you recommend?
    Jess, 20/07/2020
  • One bottle usually serves about 4-6 glasses. We suggest 12 - 16 bottles for your wedding.
  • Where do you deliver to and how long will it take?
    Wen Hiong, 05/07/2020
  • We deliver to the whole of West Malaysia and it will take 3-5 days upon successful purchase on our site.
  • Can I return the wines that are not drunk at my wedding?
    Anonymous, 25/07/2020
  • No
  • I am from Johor. Do you deliver here?
    Annabele, 06/08/2020
  • Yes we deliver to the whole of West Malaysia
  • Can I pay cash?
    Jason, 02/08/2020
  • Yes you can pay cash however it only available when purchase directly at our store. Please refer to our opening hours.
  • Must I buy 12 bottles to enjoy the promotion price?
    Ms Lim, 05/06/2020
  • Yes a minimum of 12 bottles is required to enjoy the price of RM45 or RM 57
  • What wine to choose?

    There are just too many permutations when considering what wine to purchase for your big day and it will be impossible to satisfy every single guest. Hence we highly recommend you take the path most travelled and select wines that have proven time and again to be crowd pleasers.

    Answer these 3 questions and you’ll arrive at your selection in no time !

    #1 BUDGET

    This needs to be our #1 question because the higher the price of the wine doesn’t necessarily equate to more guests are going to love it.

    Always start with how much you would like to pay for each bottle of wine. Then select wines that fall within your desired price range that you can start choosing from.


    One bottle usually serves about 4-6 glasses. So assuming each guest has one glass each, 1.5 – 2.0 bottles per table would be the average norm. Have your banquet waiter to serve the wine upon request instead of leaving the bottles on the table so that you’ll be able to re-distribute from those who do not drink to those who do regardless of where they sit.

    The math wont’ stack up if your guests LUUVVV their vino so do budget a little more if they do!


    Chances are you’ll be serving fish to meats to vegetables. So looking for one to two wines to matchmevery single of your 10 course meal, would be close to impossible.

    However there are many tried and tested wines that can most of the job.

    Avoid complex wines that require specific flavours to accentuate them. We recommend single varietals that are not too heavy so that they can see through all your dishes.

    There are red wines that can straddle between meats and fish. If you have the budget, select one red and one white per table so you can rest knowing you’ve done as best as any wine connoisseur give the task at hand.

    Still don’t know how to start?

    Watch our simple video below. If you’re still undecided, message us or fill in the form and our friendly wedding drink planner will assist you shortly :p