Social Games: Flip Cup

Flip it off with some beer! Flip your cups and rock out at beer o’clock!

Flip Cup Setup

1. Pick Teams

Split your group into even teams. If you have an odd number of players, that’s ok! Choose someone on the team with fewer players to drink twice.

2. Set up your cups

Pour your desired amount of beer into your cup. Make sure everyone on both teams pours the same amount. Each team will align their cups in a line on the same side of the table. Let the game begin!

Flip Cup Gameplay

Yell “Go!” to begin. The first player from each team drinks the beer as fast as they can from his or her cup. As the first player: when you finish your beer, set the empty cup on the table, open side up, so that it hangs slightly off the edge of the table. The next player on your team cannot start drinking until you flip your cup in the air such that it lands top-side down on the table.

The first team to finish wins. All of the cups should squarely side upside down on the tabletop. If you wish to play another round: set the table up exactly as you did the first time, refill the cups, and play again!

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