San Pellegrino Pet (1000ML)


The undeniable endorsement of S.Pellegrino’s unique taste from the world’s best gourmet food and wine makes it a true representative of Italian culture abroad. Inspired by the Italian tradition of excellence and refinement, S.Pellegrino is a founding member of the Altagamma Foundation, whose primary aim is to promote top-quality Italian industry and culture at international level.

Elegant and pleasant, outstanding for its fine and persistent perlage and fresh bouquet that recalls rocks and snow-covered terrain (or land), the sparkly S.Pellegrino incarnates the all-Italian conviviality and togetherness, as well as the sharing of food, making it the best complement to fine cuisine. Thanks to its freshness and aroma S.Pellegrino makes every dining occasion special. A water that serves as a great match to foods and other beverages, it adds pleasure and gratification to the table and the dining experience

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