3 Ravens Barley Apera (500ML)


A fortified barley wine in the spirit of Apera (Australian for “sherry”).

A very strong, dark and aggressively hopped barley wine brewed in 2019 with a portion of solera stock ale (aged barley wine with components from 2018, 2017 and 2011).

Aged in 300L ex-whisky hogsheads with an alcohol tolerant yeast strain for 13 months, the beer fermented slowly, reaching 16.3% ABV.

This beer was fortified with spirit distilled from 3 Ravens beer recovered from kegs no longer required due to COVID-19 (with a little help from our mates at Cedar Fox) to increase the ABV to 19.7%.

A very small portion (0.12%) of the unfermented beer (pasteurised and preserved from the brewday in 2019) was then added and the beer packaged without carbonation to be enjoyed as you would sherry or port.

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