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Hendricks’s miniature (50ML)

1 x 50ml Hendrick’s Gin miniature

Distilled and bottled in Scotland, Hendrick’s is a super premium gin with a subtly different botanicals recipe that includes a unique infusion of rose petals and cucumber alongside more traditional botanical ingredients. Hendrick’s specializes in being different with a distinctive toffee-brown bottle that is reminiscent of an old fashioned apothecary’s bottle, a clever reference to gin’s medicinal origins.

Hendrick’s Gin (700ML)


If you are looking for a refreshing and unique tasting Gin, then Hendrick’s Gin should be your go-to. Created inside a pot-still, this distilled gin uses cucumber as its main botanicals, providing its drinkers with an incredibly tasting Gin.

Solerno Blood Orange (700ML)

Solerno – the world’s first blood orange liqueur – was created by Lesley Gracie of Hendrick’s Gin fame. Celebrating the original and naturally intense flavour of Sicilian Blood Oranges, Solerno bursts with intensity that is both vibrant and zesty, yet smooth and luxurious. For an indulgent flavour that really lingers, enjoy Solerno neat, over ice, or in an Italian Apertivo.

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