Social Games: King’s Game

King’s Cups Rules

Put a large cup; the king’s cup (eyebrow raise*), in the center of a table and have everyone gather ’round like papa’s story time.

Each player takes turns drawing cards and following the instructions corresponding to each card.

An example of a card would be ‘raise your hand to heaven’ if you draw a ‘7’. The last person to do so takes a drink.

King’s Cups

Ace (Waterfall)

Each player starts drinking at the same time as the person to their left. NO player can stop drinking until the person before them stops.

Two (You)

Whoever draws this card can make anyone drink.

Three (Me)

The person who draws this, drinks.

Four (Floor)

Floor. (The last person to touch the floor, drinks)

Five (Guys)

All the guys drink.

Six (Girls)

All the girls drink.

Seven (Heaven)

If you draw this card, raise your hand above your head. Everyone must follow. The last person to do so drinks.

Eight (Mate)

Choose someone to be your mate. For the rest of the game, they drink when you drink.

Nine (Rhyme)

You say a word, then the person to your right has to rhyme it. You can’t reuse words.

Ten (categories)

Come up with a category of things. Name something that falls within the category, until someone can’t think of something.


Never Have I Ever.

Queen (?)

The player who picks the card starts by asking anyone a question. This player then asks anyone else a question. This process continues until someone fails to ask a question.

King (Cup)

King’s Cup. (Set a rule to be followed, e.g. stand on one foot when you drink, only speak in an accent, etc.)

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