Connecting friends and family across the globe, is a bottle of Lindeman’s wine. Introduced by Dr. Henry Lindeman, Lindeman’s started from humble beginnings under the Australian sun in world famous winemaking region, Hunter Valley where he planted his first vines in 1843. While starting out, Lindeman’s had a focus on Riesling, Verdelho and Shiraz. Within 10 years of fine tuning his skills, he become an advocate of sourcing the best fruit from surrounding estates and expanded his production to meet the demand of his consumers. What many love about Lindeman’s wine is its approachability that never fails to appeal to a crowd of wine enthusiast, whether beginner or sommelier.

About Lindeman’s Wine

Fun Fact: Having built such a reputable brand for itself, Lindeman wines was given the grand opportunity to be the official sponsor for the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956. This privilege came again in 2000 when they were named the main sponsors for the British Olympic team at the Sydney Games!

Today, Lindeman’s wine is consumed on the daily, for that evening glass of wine but not to be underestimated as less worthy for celebrating milestones in life. From the iconic Bin Series for everyday wine to top shelf worthy innovation like the Lindeman’s Early Harvest, the brand has something for everyone.

What makes Lindeman’s Early Harvest especially noteworthy is in its innovation to keep in line with health trends. This wine is produced to have at least 25% less calories and alcohol content in comparison to others within its league. This grand revolution was so meticulously developed to ensure it doesn’t affect the quality of the wines palate and its effort is commended for creating products based on the needs of their consumers.

Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay

For those familiar with Lindeman’s, will immediately think of the Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay, the most popular pick from its range. Entering the market in mid-1980s in Canada, this label captured its audience with its fruit-forward style that was well balanced with just the right freshness, acidity and crisp notes. When its success flourished, the label came back to Australia and was a home run. The Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay teases the olfactory with hints of peach, figs, tropical fruits and toasty oak while the palate experiences a fresh and crisp medium bodied mouthfeel. Almost like a breezy summer day captured in a bottle, this wine is perfect with an assortment of shellfish, a light pasta dish or a hearty salad.

Lindeman wines expand to a wonderful variety of red wines too, and they were created with the intention of giving consumers something to enjoy immediately. Store according to general wine temperature requirements and serve it on its own, with paired dishes or good company. These wines are best enjoyed young and doesn’t require storing or maturation.

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