Balvenie is a Speyside single malt Scottish whiskey distillery company based in Dufftown, Scotland and possessed by William Grant & Sons.

History Of Balvenie

Balvenie produces whisky in the historic batch process of the making of single malt. The utilization of domestic barley is favored and is floor-malted where applicable. Of the more than 120 distilleries in Scotland, Balvenie is among the only 7 distilleries that have its own malting floor and the only distillery that still operates all 5 Rare Crafts on their unit (cultivating barley, malting barley, onsite Coppersmith, Cooperage and the Malt master David C. Steward.

World Spirit Competitions

Some Balvenie products have earned numerous awards at worldwide spirit reviewing competitions. At the World Spirit Competitions in San Francisco from 2006-2012, the single barrel has earned gold, silver, and double gold medals. Its cask PT72 whiskey received a double gold medal in 2012, the last year it was featured in the competition. At the former International Spirits Challenge in 2006, Belvenie’s products have managed to gather the highest number of gold medals out of all brands participating in the competition that year.

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