The parent company for the Group’s two brands of cognac — Rémy Martin and LOUIS XIII — Rémy Martin manages all the pooled resources that they are able to call on.

Since 1927, the company has carefully tailored its quality demands: its eaux-de-vie come exclusively from the terroirs of Grande and Petite Champagne, situated at the heart of the Cognac appellation. It is in these light, limestone soils, that the roots of the vine can easily grow to the greatest depth, allowing them to take in the very best of the terroir.

And today, these eaux-de-vie are still distilled using a traditional method – on lees – and in small stills, to further enhance the complexity and intensity of the aromas.[/col]

History Of Remy

The Rémy Cointreau Group, whose Charentaise origins date back to 1724, is the result of the 1990 merger of holding companies owned by the Hériard Dubreuil and Cointreau families, which controlled E. Rémy Martin & Cie SA and Cointreau & Cie SA, respectively. The Group is also the result of successive partnerships with other companies active in the same wines and spirits business lines.

Liqueurs & Spirits

Invigorated by the many different occasions on which to enjoy them – the many different types of cocktails that are coming back into fashion, long drinks to savor or one-off shots, drinks to accompany a very special moment – our brands are now daring to write a new chapter in their history.

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