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McGuigan Wines

Formally established in 1992 by Brian McGuigan, McGuigan Wines has got the backings of 4 generations of winemaking, showing us a brand built on passion, commitment and dedication for their craft. Brian Mcguigan designed the brands logo using the family crest – a lion to represent inspiration and the long-lasting enduring spirit for producing quality wines in Australia.

History Of McGuigan Wines

Today, Neil Mcguigan leads the way in the family business as Chief Winemaker and ensures the company process quality over everything else. With an avant-garde boutique winery in Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s most valued and recognized winemaking regions, McGuigan wines is an established wine brand in the world. The brand itself is synonymous with awards, having received the most wine-related awards across Australia.

This brand isn’t just iconic within its homeland, Australia but has gained international success, having been a three-time recipient of the International Winemaker of the Year award at the renowned IWSC. Securing the award 3 times puts Mcguigan wines at a special place amongst winemakers as no other brand has ever achieved such prestigious standings.

McGuigan Black Label

To put numbers to the McGuigan wines, the Mcguigan Black Label bottle is the highest selling wine in terms of volume in Australia and Ireland. Following that, the McGuigan Black label range also stands out in the wine market as the wines from this range has secured 3 out of the top 6 spots in Australia’s bestselling red wines. These three spots are taken by the Black Label Red, Black Label Cabernet Merlot and Black Label Merlot.

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The Range

With a healthy range of red, white and rose, McGuigan takes pride in producing products that combine quality, innovation and exquisite palate presentations. While the Mcguigan Black Label needs no introduction, some other popular labels to take note of would be the McGuigan the Shortlist Shiraz, Mcguigan Founders Series Cabernet Shiraz, Mcguigan Cellar Select Marsanne, and the Mcguigan The Shortlist Chardonnay.

While many secure awards, the McGuigan The Shortlist Chardonnay is a popular choice amongst many in Malaysia. It holds 5 international awards and with good reason too. This wine has a fresh and buttery palate with refreshing notes of lemon, honey and stonefruit. It’s a full-bodied wine that has just the right balance in acidity and flavour and finishes off with a well-rounded mouthfeel and lingering notes of vanilla. It pairs perfectly with a light pasta, seafood dishes and is the perfect pick for a vegan meal as it complements mushroom dishes perfectly.

Like all wines, the McGuigan wines are perfect with food as well. The whites such as McGuigan Black Label Pinot Grigio and the McGuigan Bin 7000 Chardonnay are perfect with the heat of Asian food while the McGuigan Black Label Moscato is the perfect companion to our array of Malaysian kuihs and desserts.

If you’re looking for a wine that has beautiful flavours, good character and many awards under its belt, you won’t go wrong with McGuigan wines whether the main McGuigan Black Label or the McGuigan The Shortlist. As you sip on your glass, remember its story of being a family driven passion; that’s what the McGuigan wine brand is truly about.

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