Dewar’s is a Scotch whisky that has been blended to perfection. Bacardi is its owner and this White Label is known in the United States as the most popular blended Scotch. It has earned itself the title of being the blended Scotch whisky that has gotten an immense number of awards, including 500 medals that were received in international competitions.

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About Dewar’s

The reputable brand, Dewar’s, was founded back in 1846 by Sir John Dewar, a spirit seller on Perth High street. Dewar was selling blended whiskey with bottles that bared his own name and that was a scarcity at the time and it didn’t take too long for him to start working with hotels and bars across Scotland with his creation. His son, John Alexander Dewar, entered his father business back in 1871 and became a partner after eight years. He then inherited his father’s business once the latter died in 1880.

In 1893, Queen Victoria granted a Royal Warrant to Dewar’s and this was a pattern followed by British monarchy ever since. The royal engagement went on in 1902, and Tommy Dewar was honored as a knight by King Edward VI. Nowadays, Dewar’s operates 5 distilleries and of course the oldest one they founded in 1896. The brand also offers a wide array of popular concoctions featuring Dewar’s White Label, a mixture of 40 single malt Scottish whiskeys.