Carsberg is a worldwide brewing company, established in 1847 by J.C Jacobsen with its central offices being in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since the passing of its creator in 1887, the biggest share owner of the company has been the Carlsberg Foundation.

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History Of Carlsberg

The company’s trademark brand is Carlsberg (inspired by Jacobsen’s son Carl). The company also produces Kronenbourg, Tuborg, Somersby Cider, best-seller Baltika vodka, and more than 500 local beers. The company has a workforce of 41K people with offices in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia was established in December of 1969 and started brewing beer (Carlsberg Green) locally in 1972. The headquarters are in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Ever since the brand has made it on the list of top beer brands with a share that surpasses 50% in the Malaysian beer market. It brews and distributes beer, stout, and other alcoholic drinks mainly in the local market and has shares in Sri Lanka, Singapore and a local alcoholic drink company in Malaysia.

Special Brew

Special Brew is a powerful lager produced exclusively in Denmark and the U.K. It was originally produced by Carlsberg to honor Winston Churchill's visit to Denmark in 1950. The beer has an alcohol density of 7.5% (formerly 9% and then 8%). Special Brew is also a part of a group of robust lagers that are marketed as “super-strength” in the UK and malt liquor in the U.S. This beer is also linked to street alcoholics.

Dedicated towards premium product quality and collection innovation, Carlsberg has launched Carlsberg Smooth Draught in Malaysia. The beer is brewed for extra time to yield its characteristic smoothness with a mild endnote, Carlsberg Smooth Draught launches the revolutionary “POP cap”, reinventing beer drinking. Now you may POP a newly tapped beer anytime and anyplace.

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