Banrock Station

Australia produces both red and white wines, and most of the grapes that are used in wine making are Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. The major vineyards in the country are located in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and last but not least, South Australia, which brings us to our choice of wine today, Banrock Station.

History Of Banrock Station

Since 1996, Banrock Station has been producing wine along the banks of the River Murray in South Australia. Originally an initiative in support of the preservation of the environment, Banrock Station in a joint partnership with Landcare purchased and subsequently restored 2,500 acres of wetlands in 1995.

Besides preserving the environment, Banrock Station is equally passionate in their mission to produce fine wines that are robust in flavour and beloved by all. Today, this eco-conscious company produces a wide variety of wines, ranging from their renowned sweet Moscato wine to the exclusive Merlot from their Winemakers Release Collection of wines.

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Banrock Station Moscato

In Malaysia, the most commonly found wines from the Banrock Station winery are their popular Moscato sweet wines and their classic range of red and white wines. There are two types of Moscato from the Banrock Station winery, the Banrock Station Moscato and the Banrock Station Pink Moscato. Made from the aromatic and crisp Muscat grape family, both the Moscato and Pink Moscato from this winery are sweet, light-bodied wines that are fresh and delicate on the palate.

With the Banrock Station Moscato, there is a subtle but noticeable hint of freshly crushed grapes, the slight citrus scent on the nose plays well with the taste as the sweetness that resembles tropical fruits such as pineapple and melon hit the palate to give a refreshing lift. Its colour reflects green hues amidst a pale, light straw colour akin to typical white wines and is aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. The Banrock Station Moscato can be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif, with assorted cheese platters or with white meats such as chicken and fish.

The Banrock Station Pink Moscato on the other hand has aromatic notes which are more floral, with a touch of sherbet and hint of musk on its scent. With fresh musky flavours and delicate candy floss taste on the palate, the natural fruity sweetness is balanced with the spritz of gentle acid finish. On the eye it displays a peachy, pink colour and is best paired with a variety of cheeses or paired with spicy dishes.

Banrock Station Red Wine & White Wine

Banrock Station also produces a wide variety of red and white wines, such as their ever-popular Banrock Station Chardonnay and Banrock Station Merlot varieties. The Banrock Station Chardonnayn is a drier, full-bodied wine with an intense fruity aroma that exhibits citrus and tropical fruits. With the subtle flavours of peach, this white wine is also unique for its delicate oaky overtones on the palate while being soft in texture and having a balance acidic character. The pale straw colour is reminiscent of typical Chardonnays and is delicious to enjoy with freshly cooked fish or chicken dishes that have a light flavour.

On the red side of the wine spectrum, the Banrock Station Merlot is one of the winery’s most sought-after wines. Its dark and rich colour similar to a ruby jewel is pleasing to the eye while the slight vanilla scent, plum and fresh black cherry aromatics are notable on the nose. Its sweet spice and subtle oak flavours are also pleasant on the palate while having very fine and soft tannins with a good length when drinking. This Merlot is best complemented with pasta dishes in tomato-based sauces or roasted meats such as chicken and beef.

In the rare cases that wines are not immediately finished after opening, here are some tips on how to store your wine after opening and how long you can keep them. After every pour, make sure you recork the wine to minimise its exposure to oxygen as oxygen slowly turns wines into vinegar, resulting in a sour, rather unpleasant wine. In most cases, you will want to store an unfinished bottle of wine recorked and in the refrigerator to slow down any oxidation process. Ensure that the bottle is upright while storing to minimise its surface area exposed to oxygen.

Banrock Station has undoubtedly a large selection of wines to choose from and are uniquely tasty and delicious considering its fair pricing, and is a definite bang for your buck. A bottle of these fine wines ranges from between RM 60.00 to RM 100.00 at market price, so the next time you are looking for a good bottle of wine that will not rip a hole in your pocket, make sure you look out for Banrock Station.

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