Patron Tequila

There are some liquors in the world where you instantly know where they come from just by its name. Such as whiskey from Ireland, champagne from France and gin from London, tequila is just as associated with Mexico, which is apt considering Mexico is the birthplace of tequila. One of the best selling tequilas in the world, Patron tequila is a high quality tequila that has had immense success over the years since its creation, taking up almost 70% of the share of tequila sold in the United States. With its ultra-premium branding and unique taste, it is no wonder why this tequila remains one of the most popular in the world.

History Of Patron Tequila

Just like any other tequila that is sold, the Patron tequila originates from and is produced in Mexico. This spirit’s story starts in the late 1980s, when Martin Crowley, an architect friend of successful businessman John Paul DeJoria, jokingly challenged his friend to conquer the tequila world to make a smoother, unrivalled tequila that was like no other. Crowley found a hand-blown bottle and asked DeJoria: “I could design a label for this. Want to make a smoother tequila and go into business?” This story, while inspiring, was not without its hardships as well, as the two businessman initially had trouble finding Tequileros, or knowledgeable tequila-makers, who were interested in helping them.

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Eventually however, they met Francisco Alcaraz, an experienced tequila-maker who to this day is still the master distiller at Patron tequila. The brand first launched in 1989, yet it was not an immediate success, as the public perception of tequila at the time was not exactly the best. At the time, tequila was infamous for being the spirit to drink to get drunk easily or can only be enjoyed as a cocktail in a margarita. The ultra-premium Patron tequila came later, when the founders decided to sell a bottle of Patron at US$37 each, which seemed unreasonably priced considering the average price of a bottle of tequila was much lower then. This proved to be a smart marketing decision, however, as it set a clear distinction of Patron from other mainstream tequilas as being a higher quality, more premium bottle of tequila.

The “Maguey”

Similar to other tequilas, Patron is also made with the “maguey” or the heart of the blue agave plant from the Mexican Highlands. The process involves slowly cooking the plants in ovens, and makes use of traditional tools such as tahona wheels and small copper pot stills. Each bottle is also individually packaged and labelled by hand, emphasising its ultra-premium brand. There are a number of types of tequilas from Patron’s range of spirits, with the most popular being the Patron Silver and the Patron Reposado.

Patron Silver

An easy to find tequila, the Patron Silver has been considered by many as the perfect introductory tequila that can open anyone up into the world of tequilas. Made from the finest Weber Blue Agave, Patron Silver has a crystal clear, almost transparent colour that is intensely flavoured with agave. On the nose, there are hints of fruits and citrus aroma and is extremely smooth and lightly sweet as you drink it, with a finish of light peppery notes. Its flavour makes it an ideal tequila for a cocktail mixer, making the perfect Margarita or a bright Tequila Sunrise, or even to drink it in shots, if you are drawn to it.

Patron Reposado

The Patron Reposado is another tequila that is finely balanced in flavours. Due to being aged for at least two months in oak barrels, it has a light amber tint in its colour and releases aromas of aged oak wood and fresh agave. On the palate, it is simultaneously sweet and spicy, with touches of earthiness from the agave plant while having sweeter notes of vanilla, honey and caramel. It also lingers nicely in the mouth, with a hint of pepper and spice and finishes with a light sweetness.

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Each of these tequilas are delicious on their own, but is also perfect for a refreshing margarita. With a few simple ingredients such as 45 ml of Patron Silver or Patron Reposado, 30 ml of Patron Citronge Orange, some fresh lime juice and simple syrup and a lime wedge, you can make a classic margarita that is sure to be enjoyed by all. Mix in the liquid ingredients and shake in a cocktail shaker with ice vigorously and then strain the mixture onto some fresh ice, garnishing with a lime wedge at the end and you have an extremely refreshing margarita.

With its multitude of tequilas in its range such as the Patron Silver to the more luxurious and premium bottle of Gran Patron Platinum, Patron tequilas are high quality tequilas made to be enjoyed by all. Every bottle is made with care and individually labelled, and is unique in its flavours. You can get a bottle of Patron Tequila in Malaysia for RM 280 to RM 360 in most retail outlets.

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