Breaking ground in 1898 is Aberfeldy Distillery, home of the highly acclaimed single malt scotch whisky. Aberfeldy scotch was founded by John Dewar & Sons Ltd. and was intially produced as a blending scotch for Dewars whisky. This distillery is located in the Heart of Scotland, where it gains the benefits of rich soils and a healthy water source that ensures the consistent quality in its product. Aberfeldy’s water source comes from Pitilie Burn, which is very rich in a variety of minerals, including gold.

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History Of Aberfeldy

The formation of Aberfeldy started during the late 19th century where there was a ‘whisky boom’. However, officiating this brand was part of a growth development plan of Dewars whisky and as a response to the high demand from the already successful scotch whisky. With the introduction of Aberfeldy whisky, Dewars promised a single malt whisky with top notch quality that will not disappoint. As the whisky produced was always in reserve for Dewars blend, Aberfeldy whisky gained its right to its own whisky brand in 1999 when it introduced its first official single malt whisky, the Aberfeldy 12 Years.

Aberfeldy 12 Years Old

Aberfeldy 12 years is a full-bodied, beautiful single malt that’s approachable and fruit-forward with well rounded notes of melon, pear, honey, spices and a slight hint of smoke to finish it off. In the mouth, this Aberfeldy single malt has a syrupy texture that’s smooth, gentle and easy-drinking, with a rich lingering finish. Perfect for budding whisky drinkers looking to discover the beauty of single malt whiskies.

Aberfeldy 21 Years Old

In 2005, Aberfeldy whisky launched it second bottle that is now widely recognized, the Aberfeldy 21 years. This whisky is is sheer brilliance and a testament of what the distillery is capable of. On the nose, the Aberfeldly 21 years has beautiful aromas of honey, dried fruit with a touch of toasted coconut, that is brought to life with a fresh and zesty character. After the first sip, you’ll experience a silky-smooth mouthfeel with notes of vanilla, refined smoke, ripe white peaches and that slight hint of honey.

While perfect on its own, the best way to enjoy a glass of Aberfeldy Scotch Whisky is with a splash of water to awaken the aromas and if in a tropical climate such as Malaysia, an ice cube or two helps keep things cool without numbing out the flavors. If you’re likely to enjoy a whisky cocktail, the Aberfeldy 12-year-old whisky is perfect for whipping up some classics. True to the brand is the Golden Dram cocktail, a slight twist to the classic Old Fashioned, that brings out the characters of the Aberfeldy whisky. This cocktail is a mix of Aberfeldy 12-year-old whisky, honey syrup, Angostura bitters, orange bitters and a garnishing of orange zest.

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