Asahi Group Holdings LTD, is a worldwide spirit, beer, and fizzy drink production group of companies based in Tokyo, Japan. The emblem of Asahi Super Dry taps is found in many bars in big Malaysian cities currently and it’s no wonder as the brand has enjoyed strong double- figure growth since its establishment in December of 2011. Carlsberg has teamed up with Asahi breweries to produce and distribute the beer of the second in the Malaysian market.

Karakuchi Draft Beer

By entering the market as the first karakuchi draft beer in Japan, it is renowned for its unique sharpness and ease of drinking without living a strong bitter afternote. The research and development department of the company has developed the Asahi yeast culture No.318 which enhances the fermentation process and contributes to the rich aroma and fine flavor of the beer, meeting high market demands.

Asahi Super Dry

The entrance of Asahi Super Dry beer in the market has skyrocketed the company to higher dimensions and beer fans took this beer very warmly, contributing that way to Asahi’s lion share in the Japanese beer market. Takayuki Tanaka, Asahi’s public relations manager has stated that the company is seeking to partner with powerful local partners in forming strategic agreements to support its global placement. The brand is currently available in 70 markets across the globe with South Korea being its largest Asian market.

Asahi is currently produced in China, North America, U.K, Russia, Thailand, and the Czech Republic.

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