Kubota Senju (1800ML)


Aiming for a Sake that can be enjoyed with a meal, Kubota Senju boasts a modest bouquet and a timeless flavour that one does not tire of drinking. Velvety mouthfeel and excellent chilled, but this Ginjo is quite amicable to being enjoyed warmed as well.

Rice-Polishing: Koji:50% Kake:55%

Prefecture: Niigata

Tasting Note: The nose is a party of dried fruit, minerals, nutmeg, and banana cream pie. It is full-bodied, clean, and smooth.

Sake Tomo(Food Pairing): Yakiniku, grilled chicken, mozzarella

Serving Temperature: Chilled, room temperature, warm



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kubuto senju
Kubota Senju (1800ML)


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