Junmai Dai Ginjo Genshu CEL 24 (720ML)


The nose on this unpasteurized “Nama” sake is a fruity collection of apple, pear, melon, mango, and floral aromas. File this living and breathing raw sake under the title of “Juicy Plus.” Lively, juicy, fruity, lush, and fat; this brew has a ton of mouth feel to go with a ton of fruity flavors. Look for melon, mango, apple and sweet rice flavors that are pushed along by a chewy and dramatic flow. It is full-bodied and fun, and is actually a genshu at only 14% alc, which gives it that fat puffiness. A great sake to play with in the zone of how can rice and water taste like so many fruit tones. It is so dramatic, but is still so round and soft. There is a slight tingle of effervescence that proves this baby is living in your glass

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